Old Pike Software Privacy Policy


Some extensions by this developer collect data pertaining to user interaction with the respective extensions. This data collection is carried out in a completely anonymous fashion and no other data, such as browsing history or interaction with other elements on the pages where the extensions operate, are collected. The purpose of this data collection is to be able to check which feature(s) of the extension are most frequently used, and therefore most important to develop further. Another purpose is to check differences in usage between individual users, to get a better picture of user demand.

Please note that the data collected are not shared with any other person or organisation. You can opt out of data collection, using the procedure described below.

Extensions that collect data:

Details of data collection:

Upon loading a web page where the extension operates, it checks if there is a user ID saved in its storage. If not, the extension makes a request for a user ID from a server belonging to the developer. The server allots a user ID, which is just an integer number based on the date and time of day for the request (# of seconds since Jan 1, 1970). The extension then saves the user ID in its storage. Note that the user ID carries no information about the user's identity, IP number, nationality or any other properties. This allotment of a user ID is only made once.

If there is a user ID stored, the extension counts clicks on certain elements of the user interface created or modified by the extension, and saves the click counts in its storage. A report is sent every 24 hours (or longer, depending on page use) to the developer's server, containing the user ID, the click counts, and the date and time of transmission.


You can choose to opt out of data collection the following way:

If you would like to opt in again, perform the steps above once more, but append the text ?oldpike_optin=1 instead.

To check your opt-in/opt-out status, perform the steps above, but append the text ?oldpike_query=1 instead.

Please note that the MentiPlus opt-out is separate from any opt-out from the Canvas extensions (if you have both installed).